5 Days Yoga Challenge

Welcome to your 5 a Day beginners Yoga Challenge!


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Yoga teaches us how to relax, and become aware of your body, breath and movement, as well as how to calm & balance your mind.  It releases endorphins, providing a natural high which improves mood, decreases anxiety & insomnia, increases focus when body and mind is in a stressful time, etc. Join me in this 5 days yoga challenge to experience it yourself.

Learning about yoga

If you are absolute beginner and want to learn the basics of Yoga in a thorough, structured way.

If you have some experience from group classes or home learning, but want to dive deeper and foster stronger foundations on your knowledge and understanding.

You have been off-mat for some time and would like a refresher to go back to practising Yoga.

What would you learn?

You will learn how to breathe in your Yoga practice, as well as perfect the art of inhaling and exhaling during poses.

You will also learn to move with the breath and introduce key standing postures including Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) poses and some seated practices.