Thousands of miles from India
Thousands of years of knowledge

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Hello and Welcome to Sukhman Yoga

My name is Raj ! I live in London, I teach yoga classes in person and also on zoom, I also organize yoga retreats and I offer private yoga classes in London.

My passion for Yoga grew stronger over the years and I transitioned from a personal hair dresser and beautician to a professional yoga trainer with 200 hours of teaching behind me by 2018. since my training I have been busy adding more yoga training under my belt. I have 50 hours Yin Yoga, 50 hours Yoga Nidra and also finished my training in helping ladies who going through menopause. 

” Thousands of miles from India Thousands of years of knowledge “

Early Life

I grew up in a small village in Punjab, India. Married at the young age of 20 years and experienced motherhood at 21. With very poor communication skills in English, I have groomed myself to make my place in the a nation that prides itself in providing opportunities to those who seek.

After running a beauty business while raising two beautiful kids, I came to discover the art of Yoga and the skills needed. And soon, Yoga became the dominant part of ‘Me time’. My passion for Yoga grew stronger over the years and I transitioned from a personal grooming professional to a yoga trainer with 200 hours of teaching behind me by 2018.

During this period, I learnt that I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, an auto-immune disease where your body’s own defence system attacks the cells in your joints. While this news jolted me for a short while, I found my respite in Yoga. Breathing techniques and poses, and all my learning came in handy to help me face this reality.

As I regrouped my learnings to face my realities, I learnt that I could pass on the same insights to so many other people, and now even more so across the world with technology enabling real-time interactions globally.

My GPS Location is my Yoga mat. See you there!

‘Sukh’ in local dialect of India means ‘Happiness’ and ‘Man’ directly translates into the matters of the ‘Heart’. At Sukhman Yoga, it is our philosophy to build a lighthouse identity for your soul and well-being, to be the guiding force to catalyse betterment of the way you live, the way you think and the way you aspire. It gives me another level of joy to realise that the names of my two beautiful children, Sukhvir and Manvir add up to create the mission of my life – Sukhman Yoga!


Raj is the best yoga teacher I have ever had, and I have been doing yoga for about 20years. Raj has a calm manner and explains every move and position to the right extent. Some yoga teachers don't explain enough, others talk too much, while Raj strikes the right balance. She tells us when to breathe, what we should be feeling physically and mentally. I always look forward to her classes.
I joined Yoga classes at Sukhman Yoga this year in summers. Raj has been an inspirational yoga instructor, easily approachable and gentle and offers quite a one-to-one attention to the students.She is good at explaining the logic behind each pose performed. Her classes have always been well-structured and planned. I must say I found it difficult in the beginning, but it all got better once I was more regular. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to de-stress themselves in a relaxed and yet well-disciplined and friendly atmosphere. 👍
I totally recommend Raj to discover Yoga Nidra. I have done yoga for a number of years but recently I was looking for a way to ground more and also return to more meditation. I also want to address my anxiety and lower my stress level in difficult times in particular and provide myself with a deeper calm. I also was able to discover this on Zoom which was ideal for preparing me to good night sleep! I have discovered several way of supporting myself through meditation, TM, mindfulness and yoga in particular but it is very helpful and interesting for me to explore this practice of Yoga Nidra to turn myself once again to a better awareness and knowledge of myself. I could not hope for a better guide and teacher than Raj. She is professional, kind, helpful and definitely knows her practice. Her voice is ideal for this yoga and I can’t wait to do more with her on this new journey to develop confidence, serenity and awareness of who I really am. I have briefly seen Raj’s approach of other type of yoga and have no doubt that she is a teacher I could recommend too. I would suggest to try it if you can!
Muriel Andraos
Raj is a fantatsic teacher who gives specific feedback to guide yoga practise. Her instructions are clear and she supports you at whatever level you may be. She instantly makes you feel comfortable while learning, creating a really nice environment. She is warm and friendly and makes you feel part of the group when doing online sessions. I've loved all her classes, they have the perfect dose of challenge and relaxation. I've also loved her Nidra classes which have been a great tool for learning how to meditate for longer period of times. Thank you Raj!
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