How yoga can help?

Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility and much more.

 Pranayama = Breathing techniques 

The fourth of Eight Limbs of Yoga, often gets left behind in the yoga. In yoga we always breathe through the nose and also it’s a natural filter system for the air before it reaches the lungs.  If you are new to a yoga class and don’t know how to sync your breath to the pose. This is a very general rule of thumb in yoga, INHALE as you open the chest and expand the front body and EXHALE as you bend forward.

Now there are different types of breathing techniques we practice in yoga. We practice Nadi shodhna and kapal bhati regularly in classes and retreats.

yoga helps with flexibility – 

Flexibility is one of the key elements to our physical health. Practicing yoga increases our flexibility. Increasing our flexibility is good for us in many ways. Here is the link to Ultimate guide to yoga flexibility
by Arhanta Yoga Academy. 

How yoga changed my life?

I  was diagnosed with rheumatoid  arthritis in 2017, I was suffering a lot with pains and discomfort to the extent that I couldn’t get out of bed. But by doing yoga poses I learnt  not only I learnt it promotes the circulation of fluids inside the joints, facilitates ease of motion, and it even helped me sleep better”.  Yoga helped me when I was at my lowest point, It felt like my life was slipping through my hands. The person I am today because of yoga, it taught me to fight against anxiety and depression.  Yoga can help mental health issues but you have to own it 1st. s

What to wear

Anything you feel comfortable in and would not be restricting to free flow of body movements and intense breathing. Leggings, T-shirts, loose Yoga pants, cotton long sleeves work perfectly fine. If you are feeling cold, layers of clothing is also fine. It is customary to have bare feet during class to connect to the earth and also to avoid slips. However, in the final relaxation time, do wear socks and warm clothes.


What you need to bring

Please bring your own mat. To adhere to social distancing, if in a real class, maintain distance from each other and place mats in identified spots. On a Virtual Conference class, place your mat in a space where bodily movements are unrestricted beyond the dimensions of the mat as well. For YIN/YANG Class, please bring / keep a cushion and small blanket handy.

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When to eat before Yoga

Eat something light at least an hour before the class. A full belly can get very uncomfortable bending and twisting for Yoga poses. At the same time, don’t come hungry as that will distract your from focusing mind and channelising your energy. You know your body best. With a couple of sessions, you will know what’s best for you.

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Health related questions

If you have a health condition or there is something you would wish to discuss about, please do so with me one-to-one. The more we discuss and share, the more effective I would be able to make Yoga for you. I modify most of the poses to suit individual needs. If you still have questions after the class, simply ask! Happy to Help!

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